Flax and Hemp Inspection System

Our client, a leading figure in the fiber processing industry, encountered a recurring issue – the presence of contaminants like rope, plastic, and unwanted materials disrupting their production process. These intrusions not only caused downtime but also jeopardized the quality of their end-products. Here's how we addressed their challenge.

The Challenge: Contaminant Interruptions

Our client's production process, though efficient, was marred by contaminants that halted machinery and risked compromising fiber material quality. The task was clear: find a solution to swiftly detect and eliminate contaminants, ensuring seamless production and consistently pure end-products.

The Solution: The Flax and Hemp Inspection System

Enter the Flax and Hemp Inspection System, an AI Vision Inspection solution for defect detection.

  • How It Works:

The system integrates effortlessly into the production line, featuring a line scanner camera and LED light strip on the conveyor belt. Powered by AI, it scans and analyzes the material in real-time. Upon detecting contaminants, it instantly halts machinery and records images for further analysis.

The Outcome: Pure Production and Efficiency

With the Flax and Hemp Inspection System, our client saw a transformation. Contaminants were swiftly identified and removed, ensuring uninterrupted production and elevating product quality.


The Flax and Hemp Inspection System proved to be a game-changer, efficiently tackling contamination issues. Partner with Covicon to overcome disruptions and enhance your fiber processing operations. Contact us at info@covicon.be to explore how our solutions can optimize your production process.


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