Fiber sorting

The Fibersort most important feature is the fiber recognition. Using advanced machine learning algorithms it can determine the fiber composition in textiles, virtually predicting the label that is or should be attached to the textiles. The big variety of textiles caused traditional software and sorting machines to fail in this application. A huge data set is really important to ensure accurate sorting, Valvan’s team is very committed to keeping this data base up to date together with the users of the Fibersort machines.

Color sorting

Textile dying is a very polluting activity with a lot of chemicals involved. If the recycling process of the textiles can avoid having to dye again the process can have a huge impact on the environment. The Fibersort machine was recently equipped with color sorting camera’s enabling the accurate sorting in different colors. The color sorting is working on two levels:

1. Single vs multi-color
2. Precise single color sorting

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